Athéna Traduction, traduction technique

Athéna Traduction, traduction technique

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Athéna Traductions Sarl
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Translating is our profession

Type of text that we translate:

Methodology, user’s manuals, installation and maintenance manuals, technical sheets, training documentation, catalogues, invitations to tender, specifications, technical certificates, quality manuals, manufacturing procedures, etc.

Various kinds of contracts, statutes, deeds of sale, certificates and certifications, etc.

Software, Websites, installation guides, databases etc.
Marketing studies, commercial agreements, press articles, financial balance sheets, annual reports, synthesis reports, surveys, etc.

Company leaflets, product descriptions, presentations of products and materials, commercial propositions, business letters, brochures, press releases, etc.

Clinical tests, pharmacological studies, scientific publications, etc.

Efficient and quality communication in the language of your future clients then becomes essential. It constitutes the basis of the development of your activities.

Athéna Traductions proposes its services of translation and proofreading/revision to you today in the most varied domains such as industry, information technology, the economy, trade, international commerce, science, law, etc.

Our advantages:

  • Personalised consultancy
  • Respect of time-limits
  • Professional translators translating only into their mother tongue
  • Creation of a translated glossary validated by the client
  • A unique intermediary for your multi-language project
  • Quality Assurance based on the European standard NF EN 15038:2006
  • Confidentiality of all your documents


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